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Universal Cone Air Filters
Green Cotton Air Filters have probably the largest range of cone filters available and produce a size and style to suit most appliances. All cone filters are produced to Green Filter's usual high standards and incorporate the pleated design which increases the surface area by up to 10-20% thus optimising horsepower, throttle response and torque. All cone filters have a massive filtration capacity and will catch and hold large amounts of dust, dirt and moisture without restricting the air flow.

Choose from our range of conical or cylindrical shapes, twin cone, power flow, breathers, twisters or diamond filters. Angled and off-set shaped filters are also available. The strong flexible moulded rubber base ensures an air-tight, secure fit which helps absorb vibration and can fit in-between sizes due to their flexibility.   

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Side repeaters, side lights etc.

Single Cone Filters
Single Cone Filters
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Twin Cone Filters
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Powerflow Filters
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Green Diamond Filters
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